Do You…

  • feel discouraged and lonely, missing the loving feelings you once had in your relationship?
  • feel like you can never get it right for your partner even though you try?
  • feel “stuck” in a negative pattern of living?
  • re-live disturbing experiences or events from your past?
  • feel so anxious you have difficulty sleeping, concentrating or enjoying life?

Somewhere things got off track in your life or relationship and you need some help to get it back in balance. Now is the time to heal and reclaim the love and health you desire.Now is the time to thrive.

As your therapist, I can help you as a couple or as an individual restore the balance in your
relationship and in your life. Using an empirically proven method of couple’s treatment
called “Emotionally Focused Therapy” (see menu) I help couples restore love again in their

I also help individuals restore balance and well-being in their life by using an eclectic blend of multiple
therapeutic approaches including emotion focused therapy.


A Couple’s Workshop April 21-22 and  October 27-28 at Richland Hampton Inn

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